Freshair is a preparation of Doxofylline. It is a methylxanthine derivative with the presence of a dioxolane group in position 7. In contrast with other xanthine derivatives, Doxofylline does not significantly bind to adenosine alpha-1 or alpha-2 receptors and lacks stimulating effects. Decreased affinity for adenosine receptors may account for the better safety profile of Doxofylline compared to Theophylline. Unlike Theophylline, Doxofylline does not affect calcium influx and does not antagonize the actions of calcium channel blockers which could explain reduced cardiac adverse reactions associated with the drug. The anti-asthmatic effects of Doxofylline are mediated by other mechanisms, primarily through inhibiting the activities of the phosphodiesterase (PDE) enzyme.



Tablet              :           200 mg & 400 mg

Syrup              :           100 mg/5 ml