How to report

How to Report

Any adverse event regarding Radiant’s Products (manufactured, imported and/or distributed) can be reported to the Department of Pharmacovigilance.

Contact Number

+88 02 9632726

Postal/Courier Address

Sonartori Tower (10th floor)
12 Sonargaon Road
Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh

Adverse Event (AE) Report Form

Adverse Event Report Form Download

One may submit filled in Adverse Event (AE) report form by emailing to

All consumers or patients are advised to contact their doctor for advice on medicines or any health problems/ medical emergencies. Pharmacovigilance enhance safer use of medicine by monitoring the safety and efficacy of medicines and by providing reliable, balanced information for the effective assessment of the risk-benefit profile of medicines.

Confidentiality Note: Any information related to the identities of the patient and reporter will be kept confidential unless it is subject to disclose due to regulatory obligation.